Day 10-Nara

About 45 minutes train ride south of Kyoto is the spiritual heart of Japan, Nara.


On approach to the main temple grounds, I was confronted by a number of wild deer that reside in the forest. To my amusement there were a number of signs showing deer headbutting old ladies with walking sticks- for a small fee you could buy biscuits to feed them with. For free, you could watch Australians give too many biscuits out and get headbutted by a growing horde of hungry deer.


Todai-ji is home to the Japan’s largest Buddha standing at 18.5m tall. Weighing in at a hefty 380 metric tonnes it was built around 790 A.D.



I spent around 3 hours walking around the gorgeous temple grounds strewn with their old Fangorn like trees and pulsating mosses.



It was a super humid day so I found myself spreading out on Ukimido Gazebo. A veranda sat in the middle of a small lake with the green rolling hills overlooking the calm waters.


Heading back to Kyoto Station on the 14:24 rapid service, I booked my seats to Himeji castle for tomorrow.





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