Day 9- Shrine Fatigue

I must have spent an unnecessary amount of time on the underground being stupid. Unlike Tokyo, some of Kyoto’s more local lines have no English so it’s likely you’ll have to use your travel abacus (or your fingers and thumbs) to count how far you’ve gone.

Either way, a 15 minute walk would have solved all these shenanigans.

Emerging an hour or so later after my descent, it was about 20 minutes to my first shrine of the day from the station: Kiyomizu-Dera. Like all of the major shrines in Kyoto, they sit on the fringes on this giant bowl shaped city meaning my thighs had a bit of a work out as I made my way up through the increasingly crowded thoroughfare.

Clinging onto the cliff side this immensely beautiful temple has been in one form or another since 780 A.D.


Raku buses 100, 101 and 102 essentially form a circle route for tourists around the main sites and sounds of the city.

My second shrine of the day was Heian shrine, with it’s stark red and orange beamed wings sitting upon a white facade.


From here I headed to Ginkakuji (Silver Temple)- unfortunately it was never covered in it’s intended foil leaf after the death of it’s original incumbent. This charming temple has some beautifully woven paths into the hillside offset against a variety garish green mosses.


Kinkakuji (Gold Temple) however, does live up to it’s name.


Sat on the West side of Kyoto, it’s a similar size to it’s silver twin and without a doubt the most photogenic thing I’ve seen in Japan since I set foot here nine days ago.


Sadly I couldn’t wait to leave because of an almost fatal case of wobbly legged, shrine fatigue.




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