Konbanwa! Watashi wa Adamu desu.

This site has been setup out of my longstanding interest of Japan, it’s culture, it’s history and people.

For me this long distance relationship really started to form strong bonds way back in the late 1990’s.

From a young age, me and Dad had practiced martial arts together.

This interest in the far east first blossomed  when Dad took me along to train in the Korean military martial art, Tang Soo Do, aged 6. For three years I trained alongside him, which was great for the both of us as if had been grounded during the week, or equally I had wound him up with my incessant ramblings of my Tony Hawks Pro Skater woes, it was a chance for us (or at least in my eyes) to level the playing field.

My involvement with this Korean taekwondo lasted around three years, memories and struggles of which I still hold dearly.

It was also during this time that I was introduced to Nintendo. Amid the cultural explosion of 1990’s Japan into our everyday lives, like most of the boys my age, I was hooked on Pokemon. Even now, those original two Game Boy releases with their compulsive gameplay have weathered the sandstorms of time.

It must seem an odd thought to children nowadays, to carry around a link cable to steal your friends prized Hitmonchan while he went to the toilet.

Honest, it only happened once.

It wasn’t until years later that I realised that Hitmonchan was named after ‘Jackie Chan’ and Hitmonlee, was born of some rather odd chance encounter between Bruce Lee and the Michelin Tyre Man. When you see it…

After Pokemon Silver, then Ruby, I found myself in mid 2008 again taking up Tang Soo Do after a few ‘close encounters’ at school. I pressed on with it for a year or so, but it just wasn’t the same. Something was missing.

Dad started picking me up from classes on a Thursdays, as he’d began training on the same night in something called ‘Aikido’, a Japanese martial art. Intrigued by the idea of ‘using your opponents momentum against them’ I gave it a try the following week.

Suffice to say, I’d quit Tang Soo Do within about two weeks of training.

History had began to repeat itself.

For the next three and a half years I trained weekly with Dad again- I think we both really enjoyed our time training with one another again, it was our thing. Unfortuantely Dad got injured and I was spending less time at the dojo because of University. Finally we both left the club with some sadness.

It wasn’t till I moved to Derby for my first full-time, big boy job back in October 2014, that I picked it up again.

Desperate to quench my thirst of Japan of all things,  I  went travelling by myself in mid May 2015, and since, my interest has only grown.

For me part of this blog will be a write up of my two-week trip in back May 2015, interesting slices of Japanese history with gratings of zesty Japanese culture.

Happy reading!










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